ultrafine mill is our country in order to meet the needs of the market for the production of a device that combines the more advanced international fine powder production technology, with low operating costs and other advantages for the fine powder market in China Development has made a great contribution, but the current milling machine manufacturers on the market more than one or two, which makes it difficult for customers to choose which ultrafine mill, this article to analyze the ultrafine mill manufacturers how to choose.
First, the ultrafine mill equipment in the design of the time the body and the base is fully soft-connected, no rigid contact, you can effectively improve the equipment in the production process of high precision powder selection; and equipment used in variable frequency inverter Speed, can effectively improve the degree of automation equipment; Another point is the use of bypass dust collector equipment, with dust isolation room, which makes the equipment in the production process to effectively reduce the dust escape through the exhaust port opportunities, set powder The efficiency is relatively high, these advantages make the production efficiency of equipment increased a lot;
The second is the equipment's operation is very stable, because the equipment's base with high strength, anti-vibration nodular cast iron, can effectively improve the vibration damping properties of equipment, the strength of steel and good impact resistance, but also the use of advanced Reducer, these advanced system makes the operation of equipment is very stable.