The rapid development of all aspects of the continuous improvement of national life, 'low-carbon' 'green' is the theme of this era for the birth of ultrafine mill of the birth of the market, ultrafine mill machine into people's vision, then, What are the requirements of ultrafine mill?
We are no strangers to the ultrafine mill, but when it comes to professional operation, many people confused, ultrafine mill operation to follow some rules.
ultrafine mill operation precautions:
1 start ultrafine mill, should check all the shut down the door is tight, adjust the mill fan and spindle steering, exhaust valve should be fully open position.
2. Mill main engine start, should immediately add material (should be added fine particles, plus the normal material expected) and then open the air volume valve, to ensure that the inlet does not dust out under the premise should be as small as possible Vent.
3. Adjust the fineness of finished ultrafine mill. Before starting the machine, you should check if the crushing gap of the crusher meets the feed size and adjust the speed of the analyzer to reach the required grain size.