Ultrafine mill is a new type of grinding equipment, which has been widely used in the market. This ultrafine mill can be used in the production of talcum powder, and the talc powder can be used for many kinds of industrial uses. This article briefly introduces these two problems.
Ultrafine mill machine is a kind of important industrial milling equipment, it can be used in many kinds of materials in the production of flour, superfine powder mill generally Mohs hardness of less than six grade material can be produced by the company for the production of flour, talc and Mohs hardness of less than six belong to the class material. Talc is a kind of material with smaller Mohs hardness in mineral resources. According to Mohs hardness standard, all ore materials can be divided into ten grades, while talc belongs to a smaller hardness. The material with higher hardness is diamond.
The talcum is grinded into white or white powder through a ultrafine mill machine, and then a certain process can be used in some industrial production. Talc powder had some physical properties, such as smooth, tasteless, insoluble in water. The application field of the ultrafine grinder manufactured by our factory is also determined according to the scope of its applicable materials, because its wide range of materials is applied, so it can be widely applied in many fields. Users can understand that, and we can find that ultrafine grinder is more widely applied.