In order to better recycle the limestone ore, the series of crushing equipment is the international advanced equipment with high-energy and low power. The performance of the limestone plays irreplaceable role in the various fine crushing. Therefore, it is the most effective and practical stone crushing machine. It is widely used in the processing of the various ore, cement, limestone, refractory, mechanism building sand, building stones, metallurgical slag.
With the constant development of science and technology, cement has been one of the major building materials in human construction and been widely used in the industry, agriculture, water conservancy, transportation, electric power, technology and urban. Various marks and function of cement industry develops rapidly due to the increasing quantity demand and the improvement of process. From the current market supply and demand at home and abroad, there are also tight market where the price of product is higher and the competition is stronger.
Limestone ore is not only one of the main raw material resources but also the direct materials of construction. Although abundant resource, due to its location, transportation constrains, structure and composition, its function become various and most of them has not been developed. As the direct material of construction projects, limestone ore will continue to be fully utilized and deeply processed with the constant development of transportation and the constant improvement of the infrastructure.