At present, the fast marching China construction waste crusher market structure is bound to present a breakthrough type. With the disposal of sustained investment, large-scale infrastructure construction of the city building is becoming more and more mature and norms, and people's awareness of environmental protection, the production has been put into use in the country construction waste, for infrastructure construction provides a large number of raw materials,
Construction waste crusher in construction waste disposal field plays an increasingly important role, most of the construction waste after crushing and screening processed aggregate, can be re used in highway construction, real estate projects, city construction, landscape construction and other fields, the economy has a high value of.
In Europe and the United States and other developed countries, the construction waste crusher with mobile and convenient environmental performance is more widely used. Its market share is as high as 60%-70%. Some foreign manufacturers have put their eyes on it.
After years of active development, by closely combined with the domestic construction waste disposal market, currently in construction waste crushing machine has to grasp its core technology, large scale and rapid expansion of construction waste crusher technology, and quickly occupied the construction waste disposal industry market.