In Raymond mill, his nursing work is very important. Reasonable care can make it work better and can serve us better. At the same time, in use, nursing can prolong his life. The use of Raymond grinding mill makes the production of fine powder easier. In production, the production and quality of the user is better. It's a good thing to be happy about. In production, the grinding machine has shown better advantages, and its wear resistance of the roller also makes its production longer.
The Raymond mill has obvious advantages. It has the advantages of large crushing, good quality of broken materials and even grains. It plays an important role in mining and metal smelting. In general, the grinding strength of Raymond mill can not exceed 320 MPa, and our production is guaranteed when grinding. Raymond mill has such a wide range of applications. In order to extend its service life, we must do well the daily equipment protection and repair, so that it can be used frequently.
First of all, in order to ensure the normal operation of grinding equipment, in addition to understand the relevant operation rules, its maintenance should be regularly implemented, mechanical inspection and parts adjustment should be done well. According to the actual use of the situation to arrange the maintenance strength, at present for its maintenance is divided into minor repairs, repair and overhaul etc..
Three maintenance focus is not the same, including inspection and repair repair and adjustment device, every month to a. The repair is based on repair work, in the liner inspection and replacement of core parts inside, the professional maintenance is very strong, suggest looking for quality maintenance company to complete. The more the vast quantities of overhaul, unavoidably, everything should be taken into account, such as the replacement of various parts of the loss.
Raymond mill needs to be installed to support, can make material grinding, so the installation time needs to be careful, the foundation leveling, analysis of mill type, according to the installation of supporting device to facilitate installation of various components and parts will be installed after the sieve box tilted. Because the Raymond mill has loss, it is necessary to change the oil regularly appears, only the correct scientific mechanical nursing, it can fundamentally prolong its service life.