It is estimated that in the blue part of the royal spectrum, more than 2 watts of laser radiation are produced at 445nm (measured in a graphical manner at 443nm {low} and 449nm {high}).
The stunning laser has been named the world's most powerful blue laser pointer in the guinness book of world records.
It USES a sturdy anodized aluminum shell with a single 18, 650 Li: ION rechargeable battery (attached to the charger).
In addition, there is a phosphor (light in the dark) ring on the surface of the laser ring, which emits light blue light when the laser is extinguished. It's not as good as the green laser.
It is also equipped with laser safety glasses - it must be used with laser safety glasses every time the compact laser is used... You don't want to be like this: --->
It sounds interesting, but I guarantee you that this is not a joke!

This laser can produce more than 2 watts of 445nm (royal blue) laser radiation, and may cause instant and permanent eye damage due to direct accidental reflection or exposure. You must know what you are doing and take appropriate safety precautions against the IV class CDRH laser before the laser is energized.
Damage to the eyes is not the only eye danger:
Exposure to high levels of blue and purple radiation can also lead to havok!
How to use it?
To use the new 100mw blue laser, the 18650 Li is first included: first, use the ion battery (see below), then illuminate something or place the ignition
To use a portable laser (thanks to its SmartSwitch, which has more patterns than the original 100mw laser pointer), follow these instructions:
1: press the button of the tail cap with glue until clicking, then release.
The first LED on the barrel begins to flicker with the SmartSwitch button.
2. Click the SmartSwitch three times quickly and continuously; Then click twice more slowly (with the last two holding buttons about 250ms {} seconds).
The laser arm converts it to a static mode with minimal power.
The SmartSwitch prevents accidental and unauthorized activation of the laser, which can be unlocked by clicking the button.
O low, medium, high power mode (laser astronomy) - press the SmartSwitch key to scroll power mode. LED lights indicate low power mode, 2 medium power LED and 3 high-power leds.
O tactical sleep mode - a quick click will set the laser to sleep mode, while another quick click will reopen it.
O strobe mode - double-click the SmartSwitch button to fix the laser in laser mode. To get out, just double click the button again.
O full power mode/instantaneous - hold the SmartSwitch and press the button on the back cover and unlock the laser. The laser only works when the SmartSwitch button is pressed. The laser must be disabled to exit this mode.
In studly to this small laser, you must be sure that your glasses are equipped with laser safety!

Those on the left (argon laser safety glasses) is not what you will get those, but they are in the 515 - nm wavelength and shorter optical density (OD) is 5.00, so they work very well if I happened to sit down or cycling, laser burst eventually led to the furniture.
The green laser pointer has a built-in safety lock in the back cover - which helps comply with FDA/CDRH requirements for class IV laser products.
The encrypted dog (or "safety pin", as some call it) can be eliminated by pulling straight. This will completely disable lasers - that is, even if the battery is full, the 100MW blue laser won't work.

That's why I want to change the power output. I received a sample of one of the red laser Pointers and I liked it very much, so I ordered two other families as an emergency! They seem to be very durable and do well. We intend to have a military equipment for power failure in every room. For this purpose, they are a good option for a very reasonable price.
These magnificent things! For compact compact lasers, a lot of light is emitted. Then take it down and put the top of the burn. There is no brightness control switch, but you can push some ways to reduce lighting if you want. The pointer to the 2000mw laser is useful. It's super powerful, so you don't see how it works. We need powerful blue lasers that are easy to store, emit a lot of light and have a good time. So when I saw that it had been well reviewed and sold, I decided to buy them with several early credit points. It was the best decision I had made for a while.
Almost enjoying a green laser pointer has been buying exotic blue for years on the Internet. First, for decades, powerful laser pointer and isolated green lasers can be bought, but blue laser pens are good for home use. At the same time, there has been a change, and you can even get your presentation to spend money under the blue light. As with all approved Pointers in this country, the available power is less than 1 milliwatt, which is sufficient to be used as a luminous marker or general adjustment and investigation. However, in the blue variant, if the wall is visible, even under the sun, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the equipment.