From the front row which was chock-full of celebs – Usher, Kelly Rowland, Mischa Barton, Jessica Stam, Solange Knowles, Chris Kirkpatrick, and Ne-Yo, who arrived a mere minute before the show (with an entourage, of course), to the well dressed crowd and the beautiful space which did a magnificent job with its greenery, elaborate stage that included two staircases meeting by an arch painted with black stencils, and bird noises that were intermittently heard, tying into the “True Love Story” theme of the show.
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The seeming simplicity, but underlying complexity of details like embroidery and feather work that definedonto nearly every look.The ruffle-edged dress Chloe Sevigny wore to the Golden Globes this year was reinterpreted into a number of different day and night looks, including the finale a ruffle-lined one shouldered red dress with ruffles across the chest and one shoulder (fiesta anyone?).