So when we had the opportunity to pose our quickfire questions to the multifaceted artist, we jumped at the chance. Read on to discover GGDB Superstar her guilty pleasure, all-time favorite tracks and the one item shes Marvin Gaye because I witnessed my parents dance to this at three years old and thats my first and last memory of them in love with one another.
A: Right. And I think you have to take the approach that ‘they’re seeing you in a different way’. Face to face in the daylight, you have to walk into a radio station and meet people close-up and they have to meet you in day make-up. But, when you’re beginning to prepare for a show, especially as a female, it requires a completely different approach. And it takes a while to do all that it’s a lot of work. And a big meal is gross. Three o’clock, and I won’t eat again until after the show. I have to have a completely empty stomach, in order to play and sing. Because the diaphragm, it goes down. You need so much breathe control in order to play like that…
SD: Oh yeah, if I said no Id be lying. Im human and I have emotions and feelings, sometimes youll have bad days and some good ones, but overall I know theres a light at the end of the tunnel. Praying, God, family, friends, and supporters keep me going and without those things this would be much harder. Just having someone in my corner and always giving me words of encouragement and (tough) love helps a lot. Also looking at the video of me crashing fashion week keeps me from wanting to quit. Golden Goose Superstar I have to look at that as a reminder of what I did and know that through all the tough times I am blessed because Im doing something I sincerely and truly love.
In July 2008, Vogue Italias Editor-in-Chief Franca Sozzani unleashed the infamous Black Issue, a special edition celebrating black women in fashion, arts and entertainment. It became the best-selling?issue in the magazines history, and had to be reprinted twice. The edition?was heralded as barrier-breaking, edgy and progressive by many; a gimmicky show of tokenism by some. The pull-out cover, shot by Steven Meisel, was a hot topic in particular, featuring close-ups of Naomi Campbell, Jourdan Dunn, Liya Kebede and Sessilee Lopez. What wasnt as widely discussed were the jarring 13 pages of ads featuring white models that followed the cover from Golden Goose Sale brands like Christian Dior, Gucci and Prada.
5. When he was starting out, he treated a gig styling the D&G runwaylike "The Nicola Show" and got fired because of it:"I was doing a show for a big Italian house when I was a kid, and they fired me straight after because what I had done was no longer their vision—it had become mine. I treated it like the Nicola Show, but I guess that’s what young people do: ignore other people’s philosophies. Everyone thinks I’ve done great, but it was always a struggle. I have more experience now that I’ve come Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers out the other side, but I still get bored with things too quickly and want to move on to whatever’s newest."6. He first heard about Twitter from Lady Gaga.